DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Congregation Pestilence" (CD)
DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Congregation Pestilence" (CD)

DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Congregation Pestilence" (CD)

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Album : Congregation Pestilence
Style : Death Metal
Format : Compact Disc (Jewel Case)

Country : USA
Release date : 7/2/2021


1 Death's Disciple
2 Age Of Ignorance
3 Oblivion Pilgrimage
4 Proliferation Of Disease
5 Dispensation (Rise Of The Antichrist)
6 Six Devils (Trepanation)
7 Carnage Atrocity
8 Rotting Abomination (The Cleansing)
9 Congregation Pestilence

Mixed and mastered by Loïc Fontaine at Krucyator Studio (krucyatorstudio.com)

Kelly Shane Kuciemba – Six Knives of Plague and Darkness
Herb Burke – Four Mass Graves, Contagion Delivery
Simon Dorfman – Hammers of Pestilent Bloodshed
Congregation Pestilence was produced in the midst of Total Death, III-VIII (Year One C.P.e.)
Recorded by Kelly Shane Kuciemba at the Plague Pit
Drums recorded by Chris Manino at Die Burning Studio
Visual horrors received by Gabriel T. Byrne